How to Apply

Greenwich Starting Blocks applications are open from 20th December, and close on 20th February each year.

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Greenwich Starting Blocks works in partnership with the GLL Sports Foundation and Sports Aid. All applications will be submitted to Sports Aid for verification and to Greenwich Starting Blocks for award decisions. To apply, please complete the online application form via the GLL Sport Foundation website.

How we can assist

Support will be given in the following ways:

  • Financial grants to young athletes in the form of Ambassador, Talent, Development and Regional Awards. See Athlete application criteria for details of each level of award.

Guidelines for Applications

  • The applicant must be participating in one (or more) of the Summer Olympic or Paralympic sports (excluding football).
  • Priority will be given to those competing at either GB/National level (squad members) or have produced a validated level of performance that would place them in the elite national rankings according to the National Governing Body of that sport.
  • The applicant must have endorsement from their coach, club, or educational establishment (if appropriate). The national governing body of each particular sport must validate each application.
  • Applications can only be made for the same athlete once every 12 months. Those chosen as Ambassadors will be eligible to re-apply for two further funding rounds during the year. Please see Athlete Criteria and Awards for more information.
  • Clubs/Organisations where the applicant trains or receives coaching should be affiliated to the sports National Governing Body, be properly constituted and have (or be actively working towards having) a club accreditation, and an equal opportunities policy, a statement to which effect must be presented with the application.
  • The named applicant must either reside in Greenwich or attend an educational establishment in Greenwich or have a significant association with Greenwich (this must be evidenced in the application).
  • Funding will be considered in the following areas:
    • Purchase of sports equipment
    • Coach and Leadership training
    • Transport / Travel costs
    • Event / Competition fees
    • Hire of sports facilities and equipment
  • For awards over £1000.00 receipts or proof of expenditure will be required following an offer of an award being granted and monies spent.
  • Applications for grant aid must be made on the appropriate form and all the information requested on the application must be given. Any incorrect information knowingly given will disqualify the application.

What to expect from Greenwich Starting Blocks

  • All applications will be considered. A receipt of application will be sent (if you have not heard within one week please contact
  • All applications will be assessed by the Greenwich Starting Blocks Board and all applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome within 1 month Awards will be made within 2 months of the Boards decision

Terms and Conditions

  1. The information contained on the Application Form must be accurate
  2. The Award shall only be used for the purpose specified
  3. Successful applicants must make themselves available for one photo call per annum
  4. Applicants must agree to be supportive of the Trust with relevant local events organised by the Trust where possible (the level of involvement will be fully discussed and agreed with by both parties)
  5. Greenwich Starting Blocks are to be informed quarterly of competition programme & results for Ambassador awards and annually for all others.
  6. Notification must be given to Greenwich Starting Blocks if you incur a personal injury preventing you from continued participation
  7. Greenwich Starting Blocks reserves the right to request proof of expenditure relating to all levels of Awards
  8. Greenwich Starting Blocks reserves the right to use your sporting details in any of the Trust’s promotions and publicity
  9. Greenwich Starting Blocks agree not to use your personal contact details for any publicity. Emails will only be sent for official business
  10. Greenwich Starting Blocks awards are not designed to have any exclusivity over athletes and athletes are free to seek other funding and support
  11. Athletes are asked as part of any award to keep personal biographies up to date and acknowledge support from the Greenwich Starting Blocks Charitable Trust on both personal or sport biographies
  12. Greenwich Starting Blocks are planning to compile an ongoing historical list of all athletes that have received support. Your name, sport and achievements may be listed – but no personal details will be listed
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